LCC Partnerships Expand to Albania: Promising Agreement Signed Recently

LCC Partnerships Expand to Albania: Promising Agreement Signed Recently

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  • Date: 08-04-2014

LCC International University and Lezha Academic Center in the city of Lezha, Albania, are official partners now after LCC President Dr. Marlene Wall and Principal Klementina Shahini signed a cooperation agreement several days ago.

Cooperation with this institution started back in the spring of 2013, when an LCC student from Albania Ina Yzeraj went to Lezha to connect with the school. Her only comment about Lezha Academic Center was that it was a “mini version of LCC.” That spring, five students from the school got accepted to LCC, and the school’s administration visited our university. They also concluded that LCC was the right place for Albanian students to come and study. This spring, LCC’s Admissions office has already processed 15 applications from Albania, 12 of which are from Lezha Academic Center.

Lezha Academic Centre, a Christian secondary school, was opened three years ago, and its mission is very similar to LCC’s – “to provide students with a rigorous academic education, a trusting community of learners’ environment and a Biblical worldview.” The school seeks to build strong connections between families, churches, and schools, and has developed a curriculum that combines academic excellence, spiritual growth, understanding of the Scriptures, emotional and physical health, all of which result “in the development of strong leadership skills for the future of Albania.”

Recently, LCC’s President Dr. Marlene Wall and Vice President of Marketing AistÄ— MotekaitienÄ— visited Albania and signed the agreement with the school to make this friendship official. According to this agreement, LCC’s representatives will travel to Lezha once a semester to better represent the university and help students learn about LCC. Also, LCC is committed to help the Albanian partners look for potential teachers and possibly send LCC’s graduates or current students for internships. Finally, the first ever Summer English Language Institute in Albania will take place at Lezha Academic Center, and hopefully signal a long-term commitment for both institutions.

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